Check out your new home at historic Gillman Barracks!

Together with our cold craft brews, we will be evoking old world charm with a jaw-dropping vintage sound system, bringing 35 rpm vinyl sounds to a new audience!

Exceptional Local-brewed Craft Beers!

Little Island Brewing Co. prides itself on selling only our own beer, made at our very own microbrewery. Beers are on rotational basis. Inquire at our locations on availability.

Sunday Roasts for Family and Friends!

Sunday Roasts at our Changi outlet are a feast for your senses! Bring your appetite and savour slow roasted pork belly, lamb ribs, wagyu roastbiff and more!

The Best Wood-Fired Sourdough Pizza in Town!

You haven’t had pizza until you’ve had our Napolitano style sourdough pizza. Created by passionate pizzaiolas who wanted something truly different, our proprietary recipe has our house made kombucha as the starter! Available at Changi Village and Gillman Barracks outlets!

From Classic to Creative: Discover the Tastiest Cocktails

Each of our expertly crafted cocktails is made with care and precision, using only the finest ingredients while showcasing unique flavours of quality spirits and our craft beers, create an unforgettable drinking experience!


Fancy fresh, locally-brewed craft beers paired with tantalising 15-hour smoked beef brisket and melt-in-your-mouth pork belly? Then LITTLE ISLAND BREWING CO. is what you’ve been looking for!

We are a 10,000 square feet, 400-seater microbrewery and smokehouse employing traditional methods to produce award winning world-class beers and awesome food!

Our sylvan charm lies in the laid back rustic Changi Village vibes where shooting the breeze under starry skies and twinkly fairy lights is the order of the night! Dance on the tables, strike up the band, indulge in delicious bites, chug down the beer and soak in the atmosphere!

Recommended by The New York Times as a must-visit destination in Singapore, LITTLE ISLAND BREWING CO now channels its breezy Changi Village vibe and crafty DNA to its classy outlet at South Beach, a tribute to the area’s beachfront history, and our newest outlet at historical Gillman Barracks.
Savour our craft beers, freshly brewed and dispensed from 20 copper taps. Our team of seasoned chefs has carefully curated locally sourced and imported ingredients, with our traditional smoked and grilled meats in equally refined techniques. We’ve created a culinary tour de force in one bite!


Get Groovy at LIBC Gillman Barracks: Vintage Vibes Weekend

LIBC 9th anniversary

VINYL VERTIGO at the Barracks every Saturday!

National Schnauzer Day Meet-Up

National Schnauzer Day Meet-Up

Vinyl Spinning DJs LIVE on WAXY Wednesdays

Land, air or sea, we’ve caught them all. There’s something for everyone!

Some of our food and drinks may contain lactose, nuts, soy, gluten or other common allergens. Discounts are not applicable for specials and promotional items i.e. no stacking. If unsure, kindly check with our service/kitchen/bar assistant before placing your orders