Try the LIBC Bagelicious Lunch!

Little Island Brewing Co is serving* Bagelicious lunches at its South Beach outlet! Try our amazing and unique Bagelwiches that will tantalise your taste buds. Made with artisan bagels, fresh and flavorful ingredients, the LIBC Bagelwiches are sure to satisfy!

We start with our specially-commissioned bagels that are made by an award-winning artisan bakery using authentic and traditional methods like wooden worktops and stone ovens. These authentically European bagels are the perfect canvases for our chefs to work their magic on as they infuse specially selected ingredients like avocados, Portobello mushrooms, crispy pork belly, fried chicken, kimchi slaw, and more to create the most amazing bagel combos ever! Speaking of combos, don’t forget to complete your lunch with a pint or two of the freshest and tastiest craft beers around!

*We start serving on 01 Nov 2022 at Little Island Brewery Co @ South Beach on Mondays to Fridays, 12 to 3pm, so see you there and let our staff know that you want a Bagel on your Table!

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