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Pop / R&B / Soul / Jazz

Ruth and Kirish have been captivating audiences since 2018 with their unique blend of pop, R&B, soul, and jazz. Ruth’s powerful vocals and Kirish’s skilled guitar playing create an unforgettable musical experience. Performing a mix of timeless classics and modern hits, this dynamic duo delivers a sound that resonates with all music lovers.


Top Rock

Electric Avenue burst onto the music scene with their infectious blend of Top 40s Pop Rock. Led by the dynamic Lead Vocals, Ezzat, the band’s catchy melodies and energetic performances have earned them dedicated followers and entertaining to watch.

What sets Electric Avenue apart is their ability to seamlessly transition between genres, offering a musical journey that spans from popular rock anthems to contemporary pop hits, from soulful R&B grooves to High Energy dance tunes. Their versatility and creativity ensure there’s something for everyone in their repertoire.

Electrifying stage presence and polished musicianship, Electric Avenue delivers high-energy performances that leave audiences craving more. From intimate club gigs to festival stages, the band’s infectious energy and undeniable talent have made them a must-see act.


vocal blend / synergy / authenticity

Firefly Search Party started as a passion project sharing their love for folk and indie music with local audiences. Their music is genre bending and they have a knack for covering pop and indie songs with their own folky twist.

FSP’s recognisable vocal blend, synergy, and authenticity are a few features that fans and friends look forward to.



The blue monks jazz quartet , featuring johan Liedberg on sax 🎷, Arnold Pontoh on keys , Joven on drums and bani rahman in bass.

For many years, The Blue Monks were a mainstay in jam sessions that were held in Artistry cafe and Blu Jaz Café

Was featured twice on Esplanade jazz in July year
2021 and 2022 alongside several corporate and wedding events since 2010 .

Join the members of this well-loved ensemble as they perform some of the favourite tunes played in their jam sessions, including Recordame by Joe Henderson, Song for my Father by Horace Silver plus some other jazz standard like Miles Davis Solar , old folks by Williard Robison

The Blue Monks comprise Corey Manders on saxophone, , Bani Rahman on bass and a pool of jazz awesome musicians
Called upon for gigs .


Top 40's / Rock / Evergreen Classics

Local cover Band “Supersonic” is an eclectic mix of experienced musicians who came together with a common goal. To share their music with the masses. Comprising of talented individuals with years of experience shared amongst them in the local music scene as well as abroad, “SuperSonic” is an act that promises to invigorate ‘live’ music lovers from all walks of life. From Top 40’s, to Rock, to Evergreen Classics and more, their wide repertoire encompassing different genres caters to all ages.


Melissa and the Usual Suspects embark on a musical journey marked by compelling performances on renowned stages. From the vibrant Esplanade Outdoor Theatre to sold-out shows at the Esplanade Recital Studio, this quintet consistently captivates audiences. Their impressive resume includes major festivals like the Singapore Food Festival, OCBC Sports Hub Table Tennis World Championships, and the Ngee Ann City Great Christmas Village. Whether delivering high-octane sets at F1 cocktail events or adding sophistication to Citigold gatherings, the band’s lineup features Melissa Fitzgerald’s commanding vocals, Nick’s electrifying guitars, Colin Teo’s steadfast bass, Artly’s rhythmic beats, and Ezal Sani’s enchanting keyboard melodies. Their versatility extends to memorable occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and special events, making Melissa and the Usual Suspects a must-listen for enthusiasts of diverse and captivating tunes.


Happy Together was formed from a love for music spanning from the 60’s all the way to contemporary hits. With their amazing three-part harmonies in songs from the Bee Gees, Eagles, Backstreet Boys and lots more, they aim to present to listeners nothing but good music from every era.

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MONTY CREW is a dynamic 6-piece band that encapsulates the essence of musical versatility. With a repertoire spanning across genres like the Classics, Pop, R&B, Rock, Dance, and Party hits, MONTY CREW delivers a captivating and unforgettable live music experience. Comprising highly skilled musicians, this band brings a unique fusion of styles to the stage, creating a one-of-a-kind sonic journey for audiences of all tastes.

The Monty Crew Experience includes music spanning –  The Classics, Pop Sensations, Rhythm & Blues, Rock Revelry, and  Dance & Party Hits!


Unleashing the Magic of the Cover Band Experience! In the heart of every music lover lies a desire to relive the electrifying moments spent singing along to their favourite anthems. Enter Hunger Tanks, a remarkable cover band that ignites a passion for nostalgia and transports audiences to a realm of musical memories.With their uncanny ability to capture the essence of any genre, era, or artist, Hunger Tanks seamlessly embody the spirit and soul of the original performers.

Beyond a mere tribute band, Hunger Tanks are true masterminds of entertainment, seamlessly transitioning from one era to another with impressive precision. They pride themselves on their versatility, seamlessly embracing the styles of legendary icons like Queen, ABBA, Prince, and more, ensuring a diverse and unforgettable performance for every audience member.


Three individually talented personas put together to form a wonderful powerhouse band. Syltra Lee fronts this amazing trio, with her rhythmic guitar playing. She is the chameleon of the band with an ever growing repertoire. From modern pop sounds to the hits of  yesteryears, Syltra goes through them with style and an effortless stage presence. Syltra is joined by music veterans Mohamed Noor and Bani Rahman. Both have years of musical experience and have achieved many various musical accolades under their names. This trio is a musical chemistry made for the ears, a blissful combination of all things good to suit any musical mood.

Syltra Lee is an accomplished artist from Singapore. Her vibrant and free spirit has earned her many titles in and around Asia. From intimate radio settings to large concerts. Syltra has done many shows both locally and internationally and has appeared on many various media platforms. Syltra is a well travelled musician with a wide repertoire of genres under her belt. From Evergreen tunes to Top 40s today. A spirited run at the title in season three of the Singapore Idol 3 competition earned her many fans and accolades


A name synonymous with live music, and a headline band of the vibrant local music scene for two decades. The band’s pitch-perfect vocals, accompanied by their technically sound instrumentation and musicality, has propelled them to be one of the most recognized local bands in Singapore. The band started off as a talented Jazz duo of Sara and Alvin, and has since grown to be a five piece musical experience. From their Jazz roots, they also encompass genres such as Top 40s Pop and Rock. They perform not only at live music venues, but also on the big stages for many music events. The band released an original album “Settle the Kettle” in 2010 and received positive reviews in TODAY, The Business Times and TIME Magazine. 

53A is fronted by the beautiful voice of Sara Wee, vocalist and lead guitarist Amir Shazwan, vocalist and bassist Bani Hidir, vocalist and drummer Helman Kamal and vocal powerhouse and talented keyboardist Lisa Haryono. The aggregation of their professional experience and infectious personalities has resulted in a distinct 53A charm, which has made the band a hot favourite at Live Music venues across the island.

Their biggest accolades till date are being the feature act for the National Day Parade 2016 – SG51 and National Day Parade 2023 – SG58 . The band performed their signature NDP Medley, the 2016 NDP Theme Song “Tomorrow’s Here Today” and the 2023 NDP Theme Song “Shine Your Light”.