Little Island Brewing Co. prides itself on selling only our own beer, made at our very own microbrewery that’s also housed within the restaurant itself. Brewmaster Steve Spinney believes in using more manual and traditional methods of brewing, as this creates more flexibility in creating and changing recipes, while making sure every batch is brewed to perfection. If it’s not good enough we’re not selling it!

Without much machinery or automation, the brewing process is long and tough. The brewers come in very early in the morning on brewing days, starting with boiling the malt. Once the malt is ready, the hops and other flavours are added according to our recipes.

After the wort is prepared and cooled, it’s ready for fermentation. The wort is moved to our fermenter tanks and yeast is added. After fermentation, the beer is left to sit for a few weeks (depending on recipe) before it is ready to be served.

All our beers are served unfiltered and unpasteurised, and fresh from the serving tanks!