Welcome to Little Island Brewing Co’s newest sanctuary in Gillman Barracks!

Amidst the historic British military compound, we not only celebrate legendary brews that once fueled the spirits of the brave men stationed here but also embrace Singapore’s vibrant craft brewing scene.  Experience bold stouts, refreshing pale ales, impressive IPAs and more, all brewed with ingredients from around the world.

Within this historic district, Singapore’s very own Little Island Brewing Co evokes old world charm with a jaw-dropping vintage sound system, bringing 35 rpm vinyl sounds to a new audience.

With roots deeply embedded in our local context, our beers embody the spirit of past exploration and Singaporean heritage. Taste the fusion of Singapore’s past and present as English bitters meet Asia’s tropical and citrus notes whilst mellow analogue music plays in the background.

And to perfectly complement our lovingly brewed beers, we’re bringing a menu of smokehouse classics and contemporary twists. Sink your teeth into 15-hour smoked Wagyu brisket, fall-off-the-bone tender and infused with a balsamic truffle glaze. Share a platter of Crispy Baby Calamari or try our signature Islay Wagyu Raclette Burger, smoky Wagyu beef melted with decadent raclette cheese.

At Little Island Brewing Co, the beer culture spanning centuries and continents finds its spiritual home. As we honour the shared tradition of meticulous craft and revelry, may our beers and food become the new toast of Gillman Barracks!

► We open on 1 December 2023
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