Dear Friends,

We are glad to share that the civil authorities have granted our outlet at Changi Village the approval to welcome furry friends into our premises! This takes effect from November 2022 onwards.

To ensure that Little Island Brewing Co. @ Changi Village remains a welcoming and happy place for all our friends (2 or 4 legged), we seek the cooperation of the owners of our furry friends will help comply to the following rules:


Posted and to be adhered to as required by regulations:

For premises where animal food is not provided, pets shall only be allowed in the outdoor refreshment area of the premises.

  • This café serves pet owners and their pets*. Owners are to ensure their pets are healthy.
  • All stray animals are not allowed.
  • Only pet dogs and cats owned by their pet owners are allowed into the premises.
  • All pets are to be properly restrained at all times. Dogs are to be leashed at all times.
  • Please wash your hands before eating and after handling pets.

*Food for pets are not sold/served. Water is free!

For the convenience and safety of all our guests, and to keep LIBC@CV a pet-friendly location, please adhere to the following:


  • Please indicate that you are bringing pets after reserving your table. This will ensure that you will be provided the optimal table for you and your pet/s.
  • Do ensure that pets are kept within the allocated space. Check with our staff for details.
  • Please keep your pet/s off the chairs and tables, and clean up any mess created by them.
  • If your pet/s are noisy or displaying aggressive behaviour, you may be moved to the peripheral areas of our premises; or even asked to leave if the behaviour persists.
  • Please always consider the comfort and safety of those around you, which may mean keeping pets on leash and even muzzling those with unpredictable behaviour.
  • In the unfortunate event that someone is attacked by your pet/s, the staff may have no choice but to report the matter to the authorities.