🎶 VINYL VERTIGO at the Barracks every Saturday! 🎶

Bring your own vinyls, and we’ll spin them for you on our vintage sound system. Picture this: warm, soulful vinyl spinning on a legendary Technics MK5G turntable. Imagine the crackle and pop of the needle hitting the groove, the tangible presence of music filling the air.

To tie it all together, we’ve got the legendary Altec Lansing A5 speakers. These vintage icons aren’t just conversation starters; they’re sonic powerhouses. Their horn tweeters deliver piercing highs with laser-like precision, while the powerful woofers fill the room with rich, room-filling sound.

Experience the vibrant energy of a live concert, the delicate intimacy of a smoky jazz club, or the cinematic sweep of a classic film, all brought to life with the raw power and precision of the A5s.

Join us every Saturday and let the music play! 🎵

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