Terms & Conditions for Promotions

These Terms & Conditions (“T&C”) govern the participation in and use of promotions offered by Little Island Brewing Co (LIBC) Singapore, unless otherwise specified in the specific T&C of a particular promotion. By participating in any of our promotions, you agree to abide by these T&C, which serve as the default guidelines. Please read them carefully.

  1. Eligibility: Promotions are open to individuals residing in Singapore or as specified for specific promotions. Where alcohol is involved, participants need to be of legal drinking age
  2. Promotion Period: Promotions are valid only during the specified period, as indicated in the promotional material or via updates on LIBC social media and website.
  3. Limited Quantity: Some promotions and prizes may have a maximum quantity of items or discounts per customer, indicated typically as “while stocks last”.
  4. Single Use: Some promotions and prizes are intended for single use per visit or transaction.
  5. Non-Transferable: Promotions are non-transferable, non-shareable, and cannot be resold or exchanged for cash.
  6. Non-Stackable: Promotions cannot be combined or stacked with other promotions, benefits or offers unless expressly stated otherwise in the promotional material. This includes gaining LIBC member points on promotional items or events.
  7. No Cash Value: Promotions or prizes have no cash value and cannot be converted into cash.
  8. Right to Refuse: LIBC reserves the right to refuse service or participation in promotions to individuals who violate these T&C or engage in any abusive or fraudulent behaviour.
  9. Modification or Termination: LIBC reserves the right to modify or terminate promotions at any time without prior notice.
  10. Misuse: Misuse of promotions, including but not limited to fraudulent use, may result in banning from future promotions.
  11. Valid Locations: Some promotions may only be valid at specific branches or locations. Refer to promotional material for details and via updates on LIBC social media and website.
  12. Data Collection: If we collect customer data for promotions, we handle it in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Refer to our Privacy Policy for details.
  13. Dispute Resolution: For dispute resolution, please contact our customer support or management team.
  14. Liability: LIBC is not liable for any loss or injury resulting from participation in promotions.
  15. Compliance with Singapore Law: Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations while participating in promotions. These T&C are governed by the laws of Singapore, and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Singapore courts.
  16. Communication: Any changes to these T&C will be communicated through our website, social media channels, or direct communication with customers.
  17. Acceptance: By participating in our promotions (and contests), you accept and agree to abide by these T&C.
  18. Contact Information: For inquiries or concerns related to promotions, please contact us.

These T&C apply to all promotions offered by Little Island Brewing Co and are subject to change. Please check this page regularly for updates. Your continued participation in our promotions constitutes acceptance of any revised T&C.

Last updated 9th Oct 2023